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Tips For Teaching You How To Identify Genuine Or Imitated Ray Ban SUNGLASSES

There are many fake Ray Ban SUNGLASSES in the current market.

Both the sunglasses, cases & instruction books are highly imitated and very similar to the original ones.

Unless under careful observation, it's really hard to distinguish and tell the differences.

Hereby I recap some tips for teaching you how to identify the genuine and fake Ray Ban Sunglasses:

 1. Case: for original Ray Ban sunglasses, the case's craftsmanship is gorgeous, the leather outside is thick, the inside is all wrapped with velvet and marked with "made in Romania".

For imitated Ray Ban sunglasses, the leather outside touches like plastic with no texture. The inside is not all wrapped with velvet. It has two layers, one is pure hard plastic which is used to place instructions.

2. Clean Cloth, for original Ray Ban sunglasses, the cloth is silver - grey color, with red Rayban logo, and it is shorter than average.

For imitated Ray Ban sunglasses, the cloth is yellow, with blue Rayban words.

3. Lenses, there is very small difference.

Both the original and imitated are laser engraved with "RB".

For original one, the anti-counterfeiting "RB" is much closer to the edge of lens and very thin. Also the white Rayban logo is thinner than imitated one's.

4. RAY-BAN 58 14 words on the frame nose pads: for original one, the word is very thin and down side which is not observed. For imitated, the word is up side and easy to find.

Lenses available in two sizes 55 and 58mm.

5. Instruction books: in the red part, the original one's color is lighter than the imitated one's.

6.  Model, Ray Ban Goggles is designed according to the width of the face. On the left side of frame marked with "RB 3025", in addition, 'RB 3026".


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