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Women's Acetate Sunglasses HX30312

Acetate & Metal | CR39 Sunlens

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  • Acetate Sunglasses HX30312
  • Acetate Sunglasses HX30312
  • Acetate Sunglasses HX30312


These women's acetate sunglasses are made of cellulose acetate, the middle bar is made of metal material, and the smooth acetate frame adds a gleam of brilliance. The beauty is upgraded, and round acetate sunglasses womens are suitable for all kinds of faces.

Acetate material is considered to be one of the most suitable materials for making glasses frames. It has no harm to the skin and is rich in color, which is suitable for all kinds of clothing.

Sunglass lenses have a good UV protection function and can filter most harmful ultraviolet rays.


Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate

You can choose women's acetate sunglasses in the color you like

Fashion Sunglasses, Fashion round acetate sunglasses womens

CR39 Sunlens that block 100% of UV rays

High quality Rivet hinges provide lasting quality for generations.

OEM & ODM service, Size, Style, Logo Customized

Screw with rubber, longer lifespan and extra stability

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