Metal eyewar is produced

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When a pair of high-grade acetate glasses is produced, the bright surface, complete lines, smooth hinge opening and closing, every detail is a perfect presentation of the original design. But who can know, acetate glasses from the initial piece of sheet material, the production of various parts, surface treatment and the final product assembly, a total of more than 150 processes, is a typical labor-intensive product. Do you know the production process of acetate glasses? Here is to understand the main process of acetate glasses. Pre-production preparation:The first is the design drawing. According to the current fashion elements, or guests' ideas and brand elements,design the style of glasses. After confirming the design drawings, it is necessary to draw CAD production drawings, and then make samples according to the CAD drawings. After the samples are confirmed by the customers, then according to the orders of customers, the production of bulk goods will be prepared. Next,prepare various raw materials. Order raw materials from sheet suppliers according to customer order. In this process, the staff should start to make the production sheet, once the material is available, the production sheet and materials are sent to the production department. After receiving the production order and materials, the production department began to enter the real production of acetate glasses frame. The main processes are: 1- Cutting: a large piece of sheet material is cut into many small pieces by machine according to the calculated cutting specifications. 2- Baking materials: Put the cut materials into the oven neatly and set a good time to remove the excess water inside and make it harder to ensure that the glasses are not deformed and more shiny. 3- inner-rim milling: generally use the engraving machine for operation. Set up the procedure of the fine carving machine in advance, such as the shape and size of the inner-rim, the shape and depth of the slot and other data, and then put the sheet into the material area of the machine, and then operate according to the procedure. 4- Nosepad attaching or Endpiece attaching: according to the requirements of the drawing and production order, put the cut pieces of material together on the baked sheet, at least 12 hours after putting together, so that their joints can be firmly glued together, and the final product will not crack or fracture.

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