Company Name
Bestsea eyewear Co.,Ltd
2500 square-meters production housing
Business Type
Manufacurer and Sales
Main Product
Acetate glasses,Metal glasses,Titanium glasses,Horn glasses,etc.
Number of Employees
Main Markets
Europe,US,Australia and Japan high-end brands
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Bestsea Eyewear are one of OEM&ODM glasses supplier specializing in Acetate glasses, Metal glasses and Titanium glasses for 15 years. As we are the direct factory, we can provide much better price and high quality for you. 

Professional design: Experienced design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience. We can accept various personalized customization services, such as printing your or your loved one's name on the temples, or printing patterns on the lenses, etc., to double the value of your glasses. Show off your unique personality when you wear it.

The material of each pair of glasses has been carefully selected by us, and only the best materials can be used to make these glasses. For example, cellulose acetate mainly comes from the Italian brand Mazzucchelli and some well-known material brands in China; hinges mainly come from brands such as OBE and COMTEC. All of our sun lenses have good light transmittance and 100% UV to protect your eyes;

We mainly target mid-to-high-end glasses buyers. In addition to using the best glasses materials for production, we have strict quality control methods in every step of making glasses to ensure that the next processes is a good product. At the same time, after the product is completed, it will go through at least two comprehensive inspections to ensure that the glasses you get are perfect.

We have been committed to making and designing better glasses, no matter in terms of shape, design or product comfort. In order to be better, we never stop!
1. Lamination craft. Acetate glasses are often not made of acetate of the same color, and acetate of different colors must be put together. After years of research, we have perfect manufacturing techniques in every process from material selection, molds to compounding to ensure the production of perfect lamination glasses.
2. Handcraft. Glasses are known as handmade products because many processes of glasses must be done by hand. Although some process can be completed by machines, there are still many processes that must be done by machines. It is done by hand, especially the polishing process of the product, which requires professional masters to operate. Every gesture and every strength is very important. And these are our pursuits.
3. Precision mold. We believe that standardized products have more advantages after sale and can better protect the interests of consumers. For example, our metal glasses, through standard welding molds, make each pair of glasses produced at different times exactly the same. What good is it? For example, if you bought a pair of expensive prescription lenses, but accidentally broke the frame, then you can directly replace a pair of frames instead of spending a lot of money to buy a pair of identical lenses.

There is a saying that seeing is believing. The best way to confirm whether it is the perfect glasses is to wear it, and then feel and experience it slowly. I believe you will love it. Our confidence comes from the perfect pursuit of every detail and from the consistent praise of consumers.

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