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Horn Glasses HXN17012

Buffalo Horn | Sunglasses lenses

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Natural buffalo horn is a lightweight, hypoallergenic material. While horn from Asian water buffalo is plentiful, few glasses manufacturer have the skill to transform horn into glasses. Each piece our horn frames is hand selected, cut, shaped and polished. Since horn come from nature, every pair of horn frames is unique, you can't find another pair of horn frames that are exactly the same color in this world.

In order to ensure that each pair of horn frames is perfect, we check and choose from many horns, and only a few pieces are used to make the frames.

We can customize according to your requirements. Tell us your ideas, or send pictures, or send samples to us, and then our staff will give professional suggest, After the drawing is confirmed for you, we will carry out production according to your requirements.


Fashion luxury horn frames by natural India horn

Size can be customized

The color is specified by the customer

Demo lens, Sunlens, Poly Sunlens available

Special hinges for horn frames

OEM & ODM & Customized

Screw with rubber, longer lifespan and extra stability

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