How an employee in the glasses industry spends a week?

By Bestsea Eyewear  ,  Published on 05/16,2022

Do you know how an employee in the eyewear industry spends a week?As an example, let me share with you my last week.

I haven't updated the website for a week. Recently, I have been traveling between the glasses supplier and the designer with the progress of the production of glasses orders and the new designs required by client. Every day there is a moment to turn on the computer, but the website was not opened.

Since I'm here today, I'd like to share with you how I felt last week.

Last week the client planned to start a new glasses collection, which is a happy and important thing for both the client and us. The client need special glasses design to open the market, and there are special design requirements, which is a good thing for designers, because the goals and needs are clear. But at the same time, it is also a very challenging thing. It is also because it is clear and specific. It is necessary to catch the market's attention within a clear and specific range. In addition, the time given by the client is only 2-3 days. These are really a test of the designer's ability and the inspiration! In the end, our designers withstood the pressure and successfully completed the task. In the past two days, we are still outputting clear and specific designs to client. Although we did not provide them to client in such an urgent time, client saw that we continued to Innovative design drawings, gave us excited, beautiful, nice and other evaluations! Thank you for your understanding and encouragement!

The other time i shuttled through the factory, Follow up the sample while following up the order progress,and then sending the progress to the client in the form of photos or videos, so that the client can also clearly understand his own model and the progress of the order to facilitate his marketing and other arrangements!
Worker is assembling eyewear
Last week was a busy week, but I saw a lot of handsome people, clients trying to expand their markets, designers working hard to innovate, workers working hard to catch up, and me running back and forth, hahahaha! Dedicated people are the most handsome! Hope all of us get good results! New week, come on!