Metal Optical Glasses 16001

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After welding, different parts are polished, roller, polished, electroplated according to the color required by customers, loaded with samples, tip, and a pair of metal optical frames come out.

metal optical glasses conforms to the ergonomic design, which can effectively protect vision and is comfortable and convenient to wear. The hinge is exquisite, and the textured metal screw makes the components of the temple firmly connected, ensuring the integrity and comfort of the metal optical frames. At the same time, it is firm and durable, and the opening and closing are smooth. Exquisite temple, comfortable to wear, no ears, not easy to slip.

The commonly used metal optical frames materials are: copper alloy, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, Monel alloy, nickel chromium alloy, memory alloy, etc., which can be customized, designed and produced according to your needs.


Displayed color:Noble silver,Rose gold.You can choose any color you like

Full-frame polygonal metal frame, full of literature and art

Demo lens or customized according to customer needs

High quality Rivet hinges provide lasting quality for generations.

Metal optical glasses can be OEM & ODM & Customized

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