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Metal Sunglasses HXM15001

Metal sunglasses frames | CR39 or Nylon Sunlens

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At present, there are three main types of glasses frame materials on the market: metal materials, plastic materials and natural materials. Metal glasses are currently one of the most popular glasses. Metal glasses include metal optical glasses and metal sunglasses. 

The materials of metal sunglasses frames mainly include copper alloy, alloy frame Monel, nickel-chromium alloy, memory alloy, stainless steel,platinum and so on. 

Copper alloys are made of mixed materials of copper and other metals, such as zinc cupronickel, brass, bronze, nickel-copper alloys, etc. 

The metal sunglasses frames made of Monel alloy is easy to process and is a highly corrosion-resistant alloy, but it has poor elasticity. It is generally used as a material for medium and high-grade metal glasses frames.  

Ni-Cr alloy is silver-white in color and has poor elasticity. 

Memory alloy has super elasticity. When it is bent or stretched, it will return to its original shape. It is mostly used to make temples. 

Pure titanium and B titanium materials. Titanium is an ultra-lightweight metal. It is light and light that other materials can't match. In particular, B titanium is elastic and more corrosion-resistant than any other metal. Titanium metal can block 100% of the erosion, but titanium material is also more expensive, and the process is much more complicated than ordinary metal sunglasses frames, so titanium material is one of the main materials for middle and high-end glasses. 

Rare metals such as gold, because pure gold is relatively soft, when gold is used as a frame, silver, steel or other metals are generally added to increase strength and toughness. Because gold is expensive, gold sunglasses are relatively rare in the market, and it is more used as a surface treatment material for metal glasses frames.


These three kinds of metal sunglasses are only for explanation and display

OEM & ODM & Customized

You can choose any color you like

Metal sunglasses are one of the most popular glasses.

CR39 Sunlenses, UV400

High quality rivet hinges keep the metal sunglasses frames stable and lasting

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