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Metal Sunglasses HXM15002

retro round metal sunglasses | CR39 or Nylon Sunlens

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This is a retro round metal sunglasses. Its frame, middle bar, end piece, hinge, temple and pad arm are all made of metal. The front and back of the frame are composed of cellulose acetate and metal. After the retro round sunglasses metal frame is carved, the cellulose acetate is buckled on the metal frame.

The cellulose acetate material is matched, the color of retro round sunglasses metal frame is flexible and changeable, and the perfect combination of youth, fashion and retro!

Suitable for face type: long face; Diamond face, oval face, round face.Retro round metal sunglasses,Wearing it will give yourself a little bit of a different feeling!


Retro round metal sunglasses, Fashion retro round sunglasses metal frame

The eyeglass ring is made of a combination of cellulose acetate and metal

CR39 Sunlenses, UV400

High-quality materials and good craftsmanship will extend the life of the retro round sunglasses metal frame

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