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Metal Sunglasses 03

round double bridge sunglasses | CR39, Nylon or PC Sunlens

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This is a round double bridge sunglasses, selected Sunglasses with elliptical lenses.  the integrated frame, the second middle bridge adopts the metal horizontal design. The visual effect of the double middle bridge extends people's individual character and becomes the representative of contemporary personalized wear.

The end piece finished by our glasses manufacturer, combined with the oval lens, double bridge round frame sunglasses give people a warm and delicate feeling as a whole.

The round double bridge sunglasses adopt  high-quality hinge, which is stable and durable, so that the opening and closing of the temple is smooth, and there will be no shaking of the temple.


Metal double bridge, integrated design

Simple and exquisite without losing style

CR39, Nylon or PC Sunlens

Soldering hinges for metal full frames

The double bridge round frame sunglasses can be customized

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