Do lenses need quality control?

By Bestsea Eyewear  ,  Published on 22-03-21 17:33:36

Do lenses need quality control? YES.

Lens installation is the final production process of glasses.

In a pair of glasses, the lens is directly related to the user's experience, but also plays a crucial role in protecting eyesight.

No matter the sample or bulk lens, we will choose good quality lenses. At the same time, we will also customize the functions of the lenses according to customers' requirements: such as ordinary lenses, coated lenses, anti-uv lenses, anti-blue lenses and so on.

A qualified lens from the lens factory to go through: material research and development, curing hardening, molecular coating, personalized customization, wear testing, to the substrate inspection, hardening inspection, finished product inspection, multi-layer inspection, level control.

lens inspection

After receiving the lenses from the lens supplier, we will arrange QC to check again to ensure that the lenses installed in the frame are all good and that every detail of the glasses received by the customer is satisfactory.

lens inspection